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Saxophone - Solfeggio - Composition - Computer-Assisted Music

Musical Editing - Mixing

Saxophone lessons available for all levels from beginner to advanced as well as several musical styles including jazz, classical, rock...

Work on the technical side is possible such as scales, breathing, accuracy, flexibility... but also ddifferent aspects such as improvisation, composition, interpretation or harmonization.

Music theory and music theory courses are possible in addition to working on harmony, musical analysis, transposition or writing.

I also offer to workr musical composition, arrangement, orchestration, harmony, MAO, recording, mixing and mastering techniques; but also the different tips for developing the musical ideas of a piece or how to make a mix sound good with some useful tips and tools so that your work appears more professional.

We can also address several other aspects useful for composition such as the creation of Templates in the software in order to optimize the time spent on a project or even composing on images or a scenario for cinema lovers.

Having obtained the Pro Tools User certificate, I am authorized to train on this software for those who wish to improve. I also master Cubase 12 as well as the music editing software Sibelius or Musescore.

Lessons will take place either at the teacher's or the student's home. The price is 30 euros per hour of lessons.

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