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Bande démo


OST Challenge - 2023

Music Award Finalist

ScoreLive London (Spain) - 2022

Music Award Finalist

7th year Ecole Icart - 2022

Music Award Finalist


"Great job on Tadeo Jones' rescore! It fits the images really well. There is adventure, action, cartoon, it's great!"

Benjamin Valière

“Thank you for all the hard work.”

Faisal Asghar - Animator of the animated movie A Furry Escape

“Excellent compositions!!”

Bob Fokoua - Director of the film Ruptures

“Big fan of your music!”

Cédric André - Editor of the documentary Finding Bobby: An Ordinary Adventure

“I find that the music subtly enhances the offbeat and mischievous tone of the film and brings additional originality and freshness. I fell in love with the happy ending, which is superb!”

Coline Pagoda - Director of the documentary Finding Bobby: An Ordinary Adventure

"Your music is crazy, well done !"

Camille Riey - Composer

"I wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful music you composed for my short film."

Louise Ferry - Screenwriter of the movie Le Jambon

"Massive congrulations. You wrote a fabulous piece."

Nigel Ashley Lees - Founder of ScoreLive and GEMS

"Insane !!! 100% approve of the soundtrack, it is very successful !"

Janis Benoit - Director of the animated film Little Cloud

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